Home Sweet Home

My dears, the lease has been signed—and all 3,487 pages lovingly initialed—which means Malvern Books has officially found a home.

Lease signed613 W. 29th Street, to be exact. It’s a great location, not far from UT Austin, and with wonderful neighbors (why, hello there, Vulcan Video, “voted best video store in Austin by the Austin Chronicle for the past millionty years”). The site itself used to be home to a branch of Dreamers, an Austin chain that specializes in meeting all of your, ahem, adult needs. We trust that we, too, can meet your adult needs, assuming your need is for AWESOME BOOKS.

We’ve met with an architect, and we will shortly begin turning this…


… into a beautiful and welcoming bookstore and community space (fear not, that grotty carpet will be dying a horrible death). Stay tuned for regular how-to-build-a-bookstore updates and plenty more before and after pictures. And don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see between these four walls!

One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Joe, great to meet you on the panel at the Houston Indie Book Fest, and congrats on the upcoming opening of the Bookstore. We look forward to seeing you there.


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