Shiny New Things

Hope your Monday is merry, Malvernians! I’m sure you’re all anxious to hear news of the impending royal sprog (boy? girl? otter? named Harold? Diana? Steve McTits?). Allow me to distract you with birth news of a non-icky, non-inbred sort: Malvern Books recently gave birth to a page. (Okay, still kind of ew.) Yes, this amenable little blog has slid quietly over to the right to make way for a new home page. The home page might be looking rather… homely at the moment, but we’re working on it, and once the store is open you’ll find all sorts of useful info there, including the boring stuff (our location, hours, and rules concerning the use of remote control helicopters) and the really interesting stuff (new books in store, staff recommendations, events).

And speaking of events, we have a page for that, too. Be sure to check the calendar for details of all our upcoming shenanigans—or, better yet, sign up for our weekly newsletter; the sign up form is over there in the sidebar, waiting patiently to take your email address (which, of course, we will guard with our lives and use only for sensible newsletter purposes). Events are going to be a Very Big Deal at Malvern Books, and we plan on hosting a reading most nights of the week. If you’d like to get in touch with us regarding staging your own performance (preferably of a literary nature, though you’re welcome to try us on your nude yodeling shtick), please do email us. It’s never too early to begin planning your Malvern debut.

Malvern Stage

And an events page needs an events stage! The stage area (pictured above, with the mushroom wood walls) is pretty much done. And no, we haven’t opted for that ironic papery flooring all the kids are pinteresting—we’re just protecting our nice bamboo and marmoleum* while we continue to slap on the feisty blue paint (let’s call the color Malvern at Midnight).

* Marmoleum is the perfect name for a baby otter. Just saying.