Huff’s Birthday Snaps

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our Albert Huffstickler birthday shenanigans on Tuesday night. We were touched that so many of you came out to listen to Huff’s poetry and share your memories…

And now for a few party pics, with (from top to bottom): our festive pirate sporting a LONG LIVE HUFF sticker; a lively honky-tonk performance from TOPSY; Huff’s artwork on display around the store; a small selection of Huff’s many chapbooks (the man was prolific!); our readers, David Jewell, Sylvia Manning, Annie Hartnett, Larry Thoren, Mark Smith, and W. Joe Hoppe; every bookseller’s dream—a happy, bustling bookstore; and… OMG CAKE.

Pirate Huff


Artwork by Huff