Ever So Eventful

It’s been a happily hectic few days here at Malvern Books. First up: last Tuesday we launched a new reading series, W. Joe’s Poetry Corner (hosted by the delightful Mr. Hoppe), and we got things off to a fine start with W. Joe’s first guest, poet and visual artist David Thornberry. A spirited thank you to everyone who stopped by to admire David’s art (bedecking our walls in the photos below), ask him thoughtful questions, and enjoy his poetry. We trust you found the evening as entertaining as we did. For those of you who were otherwise occupied with rollerskating lessons or assorted bee-keeping tasks, we’ve included a few photos and some footage below…

David Thornberry artwork

David and artwork

David reads

And on Sunday afternoon we got our art on once again, this time in the form of a visit from Josh Ronsen (pictured below) and his Tiny Art collection. Josh has been exchanging works of art with artists from around the world since 2009, and he brought us over five-hundred teensy (under 1 inch!) pieces to admire. A particular favorite: MUMA, a modern art museum designed for ants—because insects need inspiration too!

Josh Ronsen

Tiny Art

Tiny Art 2

Tiny Art 3

Josh Ronsen 2