The Return of Bigger

Happy Valentine’s Day, book nerds! Two other February 14th events of note: the lovely chemical element Lawrencium was first synthesized at the University of California on this day in 1961. And this here book blog bunged up its first post a year ago today! I’m not sure how one celebrates a blogiversary or the discovery of element No. 103, but I’m thinking pie is probably called for?


And speaking of all things festive and pie-worthy, on Wednesday night we hosted the second installment in our Everything is Bigger reading series (you can read our EIB #1 recap here), and I think we can safely say it was a triumphant return. Tyler Gobble (above, far right) reprised his role as Host Extraordinaire and gave away many a fine raffle prize, including a graphic novel version of the 9/11 Commission Report. And our readers, Claudia Smith, Dan Boehl, and Laurel Hunt (above), made for a thoroughly engaging literary trifecta.

EIB crowd

A hearty thanks to the three of them, and to all of you who stopped by to listen attentively and cheer raucously. And since today is also YouTube’s 9th birthday (more pie, yeah?), it’s only fair we share some YouTube footage with you! (Our apologies to Dan, whose fine reading we failed to capture on film thanks to the somewhat tempestuous nature of our video camera.)