Karaoke Capers

What better way to celebrate National Poetry Month than with a few lively rounds of poetry karaoke? On Tuesday, the delightful W. Joe Hoppe (of Poetry Corner fame) hosted a night of roll-and-read poetry at Malvern Books. (For more pics, check out our Facebook album.)

Karaoke chap

Schandra at Karaoke

How does one play poetry karaoke, you might ask? It’s easy! No backing track required! Participants unleashed their inner D&D nerd by rolling a lettered die, then added a +2 strength modifier to their Cleric selected a poem by a poet whose last name starts with the letter the die landed on… and then they read the poem aloud to an audience of boisterous poetry fans.

Vicente at Karaoke

Karaoke T-shirt

As always, we captured a little of the action on video (below). Hearty thanks to W. Joe and everyone who took part. It was a very fun evening and a fantastic way for people to share some of their favorite poetry. And if this leaves you craving a little more verse in your life, check out some of our awesome new titles and then come on down to Malvern to take advantage of our rather generous April poetry offer.