Borderlands Takes Off

BorderlandsIf you haven’t picked up a copy of the latest Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, you’re missing out—and you really should come to Malvern Books at once and rectify this shameful situation! Issue #40 is beautifully produced and chock-full of awesome poetry, reviews, essays and photography. Highlights include new work from Laurie Ann Guerrerowinner of the 2012 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize and author of the collection A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying (also reviewed in this issue), and photography from Joel Salcido, including the issue’s stunning cover photo, Atotonilco el Alto.

But you don’t have to take my word for the brilliance of Borderlands, because the lovely folks from the journal held a launch party at Malvern Books on Sunday afternoon, with music, readings, and art—and we have a ton of fantastic footage from the event to share with you! Check it out, and then come stock up on your weekend reading.