Words To Go For

For those of you craving a little Swedish poetry in your lives, here’s a recommendation from Malvernite Taylor Jacob Pate. (NB. Taylor is also editor-in-chief of smoking glue gun, so you know he has impeccable taste in all things literary!)

You Go the WordsYou Go the Words by Gunnar Björling, translated by Fredrik Hertzberg
(Poetry, Action Books)

This collection of poems explores the power of the absence of words through hypnotic rhythms and lyrical minimalism. Although much of his lexicon is comprised of seemingly insignificant words like like-the-that-it-you-if-as-and, Björling’s emotional territory is immense and cuts to the heart and shimmers erotically. Large amounts of white space and disjunctive syntax come together to form a work in ten parts that, thanks to Fredrik Hertzberg’s supple and nimble translations, can be consumed in an afternoon or savored for days on end.