The Midsummer Mic

On Friday we promised that the July edition of our Lion & Pirate Unplugged open mic would be extra special—and we keep our promises! We celebrated the twenty-fourth anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in fine style, with wonderful performances from familiar faces, four fantastic debut acts, and a very special guest.

Our special guest was awesome Australian comedian and self-described “inspiration boner killer” Stella Young. If you’re in need of a little hilarity, you should most definitely watch Stella in action below. Topics discussed include the stupidity of race-walking (“that one that looks like they’re all busting to get to the same toilet”) and the perils of grocery shopping—and there’s also a little bit of wheelchair synchronized swimming thrown in for good measure!

We also enjoyed performances from some talented newcomers—let’s give a warm Malvern welcome to George Moreno, Wayne Napier, Katy Battistoni, and Amy Litzinger:

And we were thrilled to see the return of some ol’ Lion and Pirate favorites—Susie Angel, Shaniqua Esparza, Juan Munoz, and Felipe Archer:

Thanks to VSA Texas, Pen2Paper, Stella Young, and all the Lion and Pirate performers—y’all are a joy to host, and as always you brought a ton of energy and talent to our stage (even our hard-to-please pirate was caught nodding approvingly throughout the evening). Our next open mic will be on Friday, August 22nd… can’t wait to see you there!