The Raw Paw Debut

Malvern Books is no stranger to fabulous reading series—Everything is Bigger returns on September 16th, and W. Joe’s Poetry Corner returns on September 24th—but we figured there’s room in our calendar for another recurring wingding! And so on Tuesday night we took great delight in hosting the inaugural Raw Paw Reading…

Raw Paw If you’re an Austin lit lover, you’re probably already familiar with Raw Paw. They describe themselves as “a digitally-educated, analog-obsessed media-mob brewing somewhere between counter-culture and pop culture.” They first set up shop as a zine in 2010, and have since expanded into a print and music publishing house.

Raw Paw’s well-attended Malvern debut was a celebration of something rather special: their new poetry imprint, Mind Maze. Each monthly Mind Maze will showcase twenty poems from one of Austin’s best poets (and come complete with a stylish screen-printed cover designed by Nicole Carleton). The first book of the series, Bluenote, features revered local poet David Jewell (pictured above). David was joined on our stage by five supremely gifted writers and future Mind Maze subjects: Ed Buffaloe, A.R., Jonathan Lowell, and Paula Mendoza. Hearty thanks to David and this talented quartet for kicking off the new series in such fine style! You can check out their readings below—and be sure to keep an eye on our calendar (and the Raw Paw Facebook page) for more details on the future return of Raw Paw!