California On Sale

Here’s a brief and bonny update to let you know that all our University of California Press titles are currently 10% off! Do be sure to stop by the bookstore and grab yourself some bargain brilliance. There are plenty of tempting titles to choose from, including…

University of California trio

Anteparadise by Raúl Zurita; translated by Jack Schmitt (bilingual edition)

Zurita is one of Latin America’s most celebrated poets and the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Literature Prize, the Pablo Neruda Prize, and a Guggenheim fellowship. Anteparadise, his second collection, is in part a response to the brutality of the 1973 military coup, during which Zurita was arrested and detained for six weeks in the hold of a cargo ship.

Canto General by Pablo Neruda; translated by Jack Schmitt

Canto General is Neruda’s tenth collection, and it’s considered by many to be his masterpiece. This epic work comprises 300 poems and is more than 15,000 lines long, and offers readers a vast and moving history of the Americas.

Dora Bruder by Patrick Modiano; translated by Joanna Kilmartin

This novel is a kind of literary hybrid in which a number of genres—detective novel, biography, autobiography—are employed to tell the story of Dora, a fifteen-year-old girl who has run away from her Catholic boarding school. Modiano comes across a Missing Persons notice placed by her parents in a French newspaper, and this sparks off a decade-long investigation into Dora’s fate.