An Afternoon with Ron Jaeger & Jan Marquart

August 10, 2014 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join us in celebrating the release of Next Stop, Heaven, the third book in Ron Jaeger’s
Trilogy of Light series. Ron will be joined by Austin poet Jan Marquart, founder of the About The Author Network.

Ron JaegerRon Jaeger wrote the three novels of the Trilogy of Light (The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle; Sharing a Man; and Next Stop, Heaven) over five years—but it was only after he had published the second novel that he realized he had written an unintended trilogy. One theme in particular runs through all three novels: We all have genius, inner light, but we seldom bring it out in creative acts because we have been bludgeoned into conformity.

Jan MarquartJan Marquart is a psychotherapist and author of eleven books. She believes in the power of personal story and helps those who come to her uncover, discover, and recover from personal narratives. Jan has a private practice in Austin and is CEO and Founder of About the Author Network, which helps those interested in writing keep their pens moving. Jan also teaches writing classes for Story Circle Network and has published essays, poems, stories, and articles for in print and online publications.

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