Lyman Grant Book Launch

November 5, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Join us in celebrating the launch of Lyman Grant’s new poetry collection, Old Men on Tuesday Mornings (Alamo Bay Press). The book is dedicated to four other Austin men—John Lee, Bill Jeffers, David Jewell, and John McElhenney—and they will also be reading at the launch.

Looking back across the vista of time, these poems keep a watchful eye on the memory-wolves that stalk us with their hard truths and expired dreams. The deep consideration of the many selves we’ve been along the way drew me in and held me-each piece taking a facet of the lived life and holding it close before letting it go. The writing is lush with compassion, honesty, joy, acceptance, and above all, lyricism. —Charlotte Gullick, author of By Way of Water

Old Men on Tuesday Mornings features lyrical poetry on the process of aging and the transition from one life-stage to another, on the passing of time and its relentless impact on masculinity and the male image, and on on the place of the solitary individual in 21st Century America.

Lyman Grant worked at Austin Community College for 34 years as a professor of English, Creative Writing, and Humanities. He is the author and editor of several books, including five volumes of poetry. The most recent is Old Men on Tuesday Mornings, poems inspired in a men’s writing group with John Lee, David Jewell, Bill Jeffers, and John McElhenney.

John Lee is author of the best-selling book The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man and twenty-three others. He is a counselor, coach, and public speaker.

David Jewell is a Neo-DaDa would-be astronaut bohemian and sometimes writer type.

Bill Jeffers is a tall person, sculptor, very low key political opinion-holder, and occasional poet of sorts.

John McElhenney is a social media strategist, dad, and writer, and blogs at

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