Malvern’s Multi-Verse with David Jewell & Ric Lance Scow Williams

April 25, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for a FREE monthly reading series, Malvern’s Multi-Verse, in which we explore the infinite possible (multi)verses of Austin’s boundless poetic universe!


Malvern’s Multi-Verse features readings from guest poets, plus a Q & A session. Space-time might be flat and stretch out infinitely, but Malvern’s Multi-Verse is well-rounded, lasts for about an hour, and includes free cookies! Yes indeed, it’s the best of all possible worlds…

This month’s guests are David Jewell (pictured at left) and Ric Lance Scow Williams (right). We’ll be celebrating the launch of the second volume of their Last Word/First Word endeavor, a collaborative effort involving years of emailing poems back and forth, nearly every day, using the last word of the sender’s poem to start the poem to be sent back.

David Jewell is a poet, storyteller, author, actor and stream of consciousness visionary imagineer who chronicles the 21st century mind and its many idiosyncrasies. He and his writing have appeared in two Richard Linklater movies, Before Sunrise and Waking Life, and he’s shared shows with Laurie Anderson and Leon Redbone. His books are time bombs already detonating in another generation and hIs bio says he was “born in blank and lives in and.”

Richard “Ric” Lance Scow Williams was an associate editor for The Austin Chronicle from 1988-2012. In 2007, his the secret book of god was chosen by Robert Bonazzi of the San Antonio Express-News as “The Best Book of Poetry by a Poet Living in Texas.” He lives in Glorieta, New Mexico, with his wife, astrologer Helga Scow Williams, and two cats, Bat and Mouse. His latest books are Helga (2015) and Jealousy Cured: Cancer & Other Invisible Matters (2016), both from Bite Press. His collaborations with David Jewell are Last Word/First Word: Volume 1 (2015,) and their latest 52 Pickup: Last Word/First Word: Volume 2 (2017), both also from Bite Press.

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