Three Cheers For Malvern Books

While it’s generally unbecoming to toot one’s own horn, a little trumpet-blowing is allowed when you’re an indie bookstore. So here’s a quick roundup of some glowing reviews we’ve received recently…

This morning The Austinot, the top-ranked blog about Austin, declared that we’re one of the best independent bookstores in town, and they mention that we offer readers “the chance to access works previously unknown to them or difficult to find.” That’s something we pride ourselves on—our bestselling fiction and poetry lists are anything but ordinary!—and we’re delighted our eclectic, hand-picked inventory got a shout-out.

Malvern Books

In their festive shopping guide, Austin Monthly named us the city’s best new bookstore. They praised our “great selection” and suggested we were a reason for book lovers to rejoice!

And we also made Scott Wiggerman’s 2014 Favorites list as his most beloved “truly independent” bookstore. Scott is a man of impeccable taste—he co-founded Dos Gatos Press with David Meischen—so we’re thrilled to hear he approves of all things Malvern.