An Autumnal Everything

Last night we hosted an all-new edition of our Everything is Bigger reading series—and it was especially all-new, because the three wonderful readers were all newcomers to Austin. Let’s have a warm welcome for (from left to right) accomplished poets Ana CarreteBen Kopel and Mike Bushnell (with host Tyler Gobble, second from left, who is not new, but who has a new book coming out very soon).

Everything is Bigger Also new? The Everything is Bigger trivia contest, designed to encourage more yelling in the bookstore. There were a host of wonderful prizes up for grabs, including a waterproof disposable camera (with eighteen photos still left!), a slightly chipped coffee mug, and a copy of Ray Stevens’ classic album, Surely You JoustSo if you’d like some first-rate literary entertainment (and an answer to the trivia question “What is the only American state whose name can be typed using just one row of the keyboard?”), then watch on! And remember to keep the evening of November 12th free for the next refreshing round of Everything is Bigger.

Bigger Than Ever

One doesn’t like to play favorites concerning installments of one’s reading series, so let’s just say that this month’s Everything is Bigger shindig was especially good. Here’s the post-match report…


We had three lovely readers join us for Wednesday’s event: Tim Earley, Jess Stoner, and Will Clark (pictured left to right above, with host Tyler Gobble in red). You can check out more photos on Facebook, and watch all three of them in action below. You may notice that our camera person places the lens cap back on the camera at the start of Jess’ reading—please rest assured that this was not an act of arrant madness. You see, Jess had to come to the reading straight from work, wearing her Postal Service uniform, and apparently USPS workers are not supposed to be filmed while in official garb. Photos are allowed, though, so here’s one of Jess mid-reading, so you can get an idea of the set up:

Jess Stoner

And of course it wouldn’t be a Bigger reading without the giving away of assorted whimsical raffle prizes. Sadly, this month’s sack of swag did not include the coveted homemade Everything is Bigger tank-top—the dye ran on the lettering of Tyler’s latest creation, producing an “ErrrtBrrrisigger” tank-top, which did not meet his exacting apparel standards. Fortunately, we still had a whole heap of whatnots to dispense to lucky winners, including a dice game called “Spicy Farkel” (“a silly game played by silly people,” says one reviewer); a Whoopie Pie! candle (an often overlooked prize pick, despite being described on the Yankee Candle website as “Mmmmm! Creamy vanilla frosting meets moist, rich, chocolate for a treat that is so real you may want to lick your fingers!”); and, best of all, steak coasters! Coasters shaped like steaks!

Steak Coasters

But enough about prizes! Go watch some videos—and stay tuned for news of future Biggers. (We may or may not be taking a summer hiatus; our Events Calendar will keep you in the loop.)

Bigger in the Spring

Another glorious month, another glorious Everything is Bigger bash! We had an especially large and lively crowd for Wednesday night’s event… could it be that word is getting out about our raffle delights? Our host Tyler Gobble really outdid himself this time—his prizes (or, as he puts it, “things I don’t want”) included a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin biography (“an enjoyable and quick read” according to this reviewer), an Everything is Bigger tank top, and a can of everyone’s favorite party starter, Four Loko.

Steve Austin

Four Loko

This month’s lovely and accomplished readers were Andrew Zawacki, Laurie Saurborn Young, and Fernando Flores (pictured below, with Tyler). Thanks to the three of them—and Tyler, of course—for their sterling performances.

Everything is Bigger April

Our next Everything is Bigger reading will be on May 14th (our Facebook page is a great place to check for updates on all our events), and we’re looking forward to it already. Meanwhile, here’s a little Bigger YouTube action for y’all…

More Of Everything

The weekend is almost upon us, Malverinos, and while we bustle about getting the store’s stage all spick-and-span for tomorrow night‘s sure-to-be-awesome Gary Whited and Dave Oliphant reading, we suggest you amuse your fine selves with some photos and footage from Wednesday’s Everything is Bigger extravaganza.


As always, Tyler Gobble (above) hosted with aplomb (and yes, he made his I AM A GOB shirt) and gave away some curious prizes to lucky raffle winners. A hearty and wholesome thanks to our three readers, Nick Courtright, Thomas Courtney Vance, and Trey Moody (below), who all did a smashing job and kept the (rather boisterous) crowd thoroughly entertained.

Everything is Bigger

Our next Everything is Bigger bash will be on April 16th (our Facebook page is a good place to check for updates on all our events), and we’re looking forward to it already. Meanwhile, take it away, YouTube…

A Week of Malvern

Here’s a brief and bonny reminder for y’all: events, they are a-happening! Tomorrow night we have another installment of our lively and irreverent Everything is Bigger reading series, in which the delightful Tyler Gobble presents a trifecta of extraordinarily talented writers and gives away whimsical raffle prizes. This month we’re thrilled to have Trey Moody, Nick Courtright, and Thomas Courtney Vance gracing the Malvern stage. (And if you’re curious to learn more about this Bigger business, do check out our footage from past events.)

Everything is Bigger

But wait, there’s more! On Thursday night we’re hosting a gathering of the Finnegans Wake Reading Group of Austin. This event is open to absolutely everyone and no prior knowledge of the book is required, so please do join us as we ponder Joyce’s weird and wonderful masterpiece.

Gary and Dave

And don’t think we’re neglecting you at the weekend. We would never do that! On Saturday night we’re hosting something rather special: an evening of jazz and poetry, featuring live music from Margaret Slovak and Tony Morris and a reading from acclaimed poets Gary Whited and Dave Oliphant (pictured above).

So, we’ve sorted out your evening plans for half of the rest of the week… and if you’re feeling lonely on Friday or Sunday, why not stop by the bookstore and pick up a poetry collection by Dean Young? We have quite the selection (displayed below, with trusty fire extinguisher nearby—because some poems are so good they start fires!) and Mr. Young is awfully good company.

Dean Young books

The Return of Bigger

Happy Valentine’s Day, book nerds! Two other February 14th events of note: the lovely chemical element Lawrencium was first synthesized at the University of California on this day in 1961. And this here book blog bunged up its first post a year ago today! I’m not sure how one celebrates a blogiversary or the discovery of element No. 103, but I’m thinking pie is probably called for?


And speaking of all things festive and pie-worthy, on Wednesday night we hosted the second installment in our Everything is Bigger reading series (you can read our EIB #1 recap here), and I think we can safely say it was a triumphant return. Tyler Gobble (above, far right) reprised his role as Host Extraordinaire and gave away many a fine raffle prize, including a graphic novel version of the 9/11 Commission Report. And our readers, Claudia Smith, Dan Boehl, and Laurel Hunt (above), made for a thoroughly engaging literary trifecta.

EIB crowd

A hearty thanks to the three of them, and to all of you who stopped by to listen attentively and cheer raucously. And since today is also YouTube’s 9th birthday (more pie, yeah?), it’s only fair we share some YouTube footage with you! (Our apologies to Dan, whose fine reading we failed to capture on film thanks to the somewhat tempestuous nature of our video camera.)