Lows and Highs

A glorious day here at Malvern Books! Remember the carpet? The terrible, terrible carpet? Well, it’s gone!


Good riddance, oh chunderous tapestry of doom! The place is looking a little bare now, but we’ve already picked out some snazzy new flooring, and we very much look forward to celebrating its installation in the customary way: by taking off our socks and shoes and running madly around the room, crying, “Eeeee! So soft! So clean!” For those of you who enjoy the word swatches, here is the word swatches, and also (again!) swatches of our imminent flooring:


With the floor taken care of, it’s now time to raise our eyes to the roof. The good people of Austin take roof accessorizing very seriously. Here, for example, is the friendly chap who lives above the nearby Wheatsville Co-op:


And not to be outdone in the stuff-of-nightmare stakes, Atomic Tattoo crown their store with this octopus/dead guy combo:

Atomic Tattoo Sign

We want to do our bit to keep the Austin skyline spooky, so we’re thinking we’ll go with a sculpture of a giant pterodactyl, wearing glasses, reading a book, while perched upon a globe. What say you, Malvernians?