Mind Maze: Postcard Habitats & More

Ready for something Raw and a-maze-ing? Tuesday night at Malvern Books saw the return of the fantastic Raw Paw crew, who were debuting their fourth Mind Maze title: Postcard Habitats by Jonathan Lowell.

Mind Maze 4

Each monthly Mind Maze showcases twenty poems from one of Austin’s best poets… and is launched in fine style at Malvern Books (under the gaze of a somewhat suspicious pirate). This month’s poet, Jonathan (above, center), was joined on our stage by (from left to right) new hosts A.R. Rogers and Wade Martin, and fellow readers Jesse Bertron and Paula Starche.

Jonathan is a graduate student in Geography at UT Austin, who, fortunately for us, still finds time to write brilliant poetry. Here’s what he had to say about his new book:

Postcard Habitats grew out of pondering the relationships between movement and place: the pains and pleasures of each, the way our bodies and identities shift and change as we constantly remake our habitats in this world. For a while these poems were journeys, constantly in motion and swirling around me. Now that they are fixed and bound to a page, they are, for me at least, a place. I feel both pain and relief for that.

If you’d like to hear more from Jonathan, and enjoy poetry and prose from Jesse and Paula, check out the videos below (and for previous Raw Paw readings, have a browse of our Mind Maze playlist).