TOPSY / Fontenot / White

What a fabulous Friday night at Malvern Books! We kicked things off with some lively cabaret from one of our favorite local bands, TOPSY. Our heartiest thanks to band members Joy Beth, Brett Reeves, Mario Gonzalez, and Cephas Wozencraft for sharing their hoppin’ honky-tonk with us. It’s quite the feat to make a bunch of reticent book nerds tap their toes to the music and emit the occasional (shy) holler—but TOPSY manage it every time! And if you’d like proof, do check out the footage below; I guarantee you’ll be bopping along enthusiastically in no time…

TOPSY are a tough act to follow, but writers Ken Fontenot and Lowell Mick White were up to the challenge. Ken can frequently be found browsing our Malvernian shelves, and it was a joy to finally have him share some of his words with us!

Lowell Mick White is a long-time Austinite who now finds himself living in the fine state of Kansas, teaching creative writing and literature at Pittsburg State University. We’re very glad he stopped by to visit Malvern Books on a trip to dear ol’ TX.