The Midsummer Mic

On Friday we promised that the July edition of our Lion & Pirate Unplugged open mic would be extra special—and we keep our promises! We celebrated the twenty-fourth anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in fine style, with wonderful performances from familiar faces, four fantastic debut acts, and a very special guest.

Our special guest was awesome Australian comedian and self-described “inspiration boner killer” Stella Young. If you’re in need of a little hilarity, you should most definitely watch Stella in action below. Topics discussed include the stupidity of race-walking (“that one that looks like they’re all busting to get to the same toilet”) and the perils of grocery shopping—and there’s also a little bit of wheelchair synchronized swimming thrown in for good measure!

We also enjoyed performances from some talented newcomers—let’s give a warm Malvern welcome to George Moreno, Wayne Napier, Katy Battistoni, and Amy Litzinger:

And we were thrilled to see the return of some ol’ Lion and Pirate favorites—Susie Angel, Shaniqua Esparza, Juan Munoz, and Felipe Archer:

Thanks to VSA Texas, Pen2Paper, Stella Young, and all the Lion and Pirate performers—y’all are a joy to host, and as always you brought a ton of energy and talent to our stage (even our hard-to-please pirate was caught nodding approvingly throughout the evening). Our next open mic will be on Friday, August 22nd… can’t wait to see you there!

Shiver Me Timbers

Ahoy there, Malverns! I hope this day of Wōden finds you well. (That is the nerdiest sentence I have ever written. Ever.) Our householdy week got off to a thrilling start when Cat #3 made the unusual choice to turn on a faucet while we were out, thus flooding half the apartment and causing the living room floorboards to adopt a rather jaunty, pyramid-like appearance. Needless to say, Cat #3 has been ordered to get a part-time retail position to help pay for the clean up. Cat #3 is not very happy about this. (I’d avoid the Forever 21 at Esperanza Crossing for the next few months.)

And from buckling to swashbuckling… allow me to introduce you to the newest, saltiest member of the Malvern team:


Yes, we have a pirate! And a very handsome fellow he is. Our beautiful buccaneer has yet to be named (suggestions, anyone?), but I’m sure we’ll have a suitable moniker in time for next week’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the blue sign to the left of our rogue and wondered if Malvern Books had made the sensible decision to serve rum with its poetry. Alas, we have not: wassailing R not us. The grog license application belongs to our new neighbors, Vapor Joe’s, an “E-Cigarette and Custom Beer Lounge.” Yes folks, if your To Do list requires you to purchase some pirate-approved poetry, do some bong comparison shopping, rent a DVD, and light up an electronic cigarette, well, you will soon be able to tackle all your chores at once down on ol’ West 29th Street. We can’t wait to see you!