Data Entry Doldrums

It’s POS madness down at Malvern this week, as we go about the cumbersome business of entering more than four-thousand titles into our Point of Sale system. (BTW, if you find inventory management sexy—and what sane person doesn’t?—you really should be reading the Point of Sale Blog, where you can keep up with all the latest industry gossip vis-à-vis thermal paper sensitivity.) Naturally, our POS system looks exactly like the one below, except the pizza is a picture of Solzhenitsyn and the avocado is Anne Carson:

pos6In other colorful photographic news, pictured below we have: evidence of our hard work; a custom-built display stand showcasing a few copies of one of our favorite journals; and Malvern by night, with Mr. Pirate keeping a watchful eye on our brand new counter.

Data Entry

Display Stand

Malvern at Night