Meet The Malverns #4

It’s about time you met another Malvern! You’ve already made the acquaintance of Dr. Joe, Katherine, and Tyler (who you can also get to know a little better via our sparkling new YouTube channel)—now allow me to introduce the delightful Polly Monear, our visual merchandising expert and lover of fine poetry. Here’s what Polly has to say about one of her recent discoveries, The Roads Have Come to an End Now, by acclaimed Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen (1907-1994)…


WOW—I’ve read this book three times in the last week, and I can’t wait to read it again! I love the crisp, clear language of Jacobsen’s poems. Buses, snails, telescopes, loss—Jacobsen can find value in it all. This collection is beautiful, accessible, and definitely worth multiple readings. One of my favorite images is from “Morning Crows”:

          It’s the crows that wake the countryside
          with their tiresome racket over the fields,
          like zinc buckets rattling in the gray dawn.