Haiku & Selfies at Malvern Books

Grant and StephanieLast Friday night we played host to a rather dynamic duo: writers Grant Cross and Stephanie Goehring. Grant shared a mixture of haiku (he’s a 5-7-5 wizard!) and longer verse, and also proved that a gourd can provide excellent accompaniment, while Stephanie read a beautiful lyric essay as well as new poems from a series excellently titled “Who Took This Selfie?” Enjoy the footage from their reading, and then check out our Events Calendar; we have oodles of upcoming literary larks you’re sure to enjoy!

Tremendous Trifectas at Malvern Books

We’ve been a very spoiled bookstore over the past few nights, with our lovely stage playing host to two trios of poetic perfection. On Friday night we welcomed poets Katy Chrisler, Stephanie Goehring, and Paula Cisewski. Katy’s poetry was greeted with a hearty howl from a young member of the audience (a howl of delight and anticipation, one assumes); Stephanie improved dramatically upon Craigslist Missed Connections during her reading; and Paula’s “The Clouds” gave us the best type of chills…

And this month’s Raw Paw reading was a little different… the Raw Paw crew are busy preparing a few new Mind Maze titles to release over the months ahead, so last night, rather than introducing a new chapbook, hosts Wade Martin and A.R Rogers introduced us to three wonderful poets instead: Carie Juettner, Tina Posner, and Jack Brannon… check out their brilliant readings below. And if you’re a fan of all things Paw, please note that from next month our Raw Paw events will be held on a Wednesday night.