A Swashbuckling Read

Here’s a picture of our winsome bookstore pirate (because bookstore cats are so 2009!) clutching his favorite novella, Terese Svoboda’s Pirate Talk or Mermalade.


If you’ve spent much time around pirates, you’ll know that their conversations are feisty and provocative, and this Pirate Talk is no exception. It’s the quirky tale of two unnamed brothers, doltish wannabe pirates, who have assorted madcap misadventures involving mermaids, shipwrecks, and a scene-stealing parrot. It’s a strange and poetic wee book, mixing comedic capers with stunningly beautiful sentences. If you’re keen to get your own non-piratey hands on the work of “a writer of real power and mystery” (Sam Lipsyte said that!) or even if you just want to warm up for this, come by the store and ask for some swashbuckling Svoboda.