An Evening with Vicente Lozano

W. Joe’s Poetry Corner offers something rather special: the chance to get up-close-and-personal with an extraordinary poet. Each month W. Joe Hoppe ever so politely grills his esteemed guest with thoughtful questions on the poetic process, and after the reading inquisitive audience members get to ask a few posers of their own.

W Joe and Vicente W. Joe’s guest this month was Vicente Lozano (above left, with W. Joe), a brilliant poet and the recipient of numerous accolades and fellowships—and now the proud owner of a delightful Malvern Books T-shirt! (The back of the shirt says “A Different Kind of Adult Bookstore,” an allusion to our venue’s rather sordid past.)

T-shirt front

T-shirt back

Be sure to check out our footage from the evening (below). And if it whets your appetite for all things poetic, join us for the next installment of W. Joe’s Poetry Corner, when we’ll be celebrating National Poetry Month with an exhilarating evening of poetry karaoke (here’s how it’s played).