Recommended: Buffam & Bat

The captivating Mr. Tyler Gobble (host of the soon-to-return Everything is Bigger) has a couple of sterling summer reading recommendations for you today:

The IrrationalistThe Irrationalist by Suzanne Buffam
(Canarium Books, Poetry)

Let me say it simply: This is one hell of an enjoyable book. Not always cheery or blossomed with dance hall fervor, sure, but charmingly witty and playfully insightful, absolutely. You might have seen me pacing around the store, smiling and shaking my head YES, and odds are I was holding this book. Here, you can have it now. Enjoy.

Bat City 10Bat City Review, Volume 10
(Literary Magazine)

This here new issue of Bat City Review showcases exactly why I love journals: under one pretty cover, a whole mess of goodness, stories and poetry and art fresh into the world. Particularly, I dig Mykola Zhuravel’s art and Joe Hall’s poems, but really, friend, you can’t go wrong by picking up this assorted awesomeness.