Pining For The Fjords

Last night we hosted a wonderful reading with poets Zachary Schomburg, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Mathias Svalina (more on that soon!), and so it seemed only fitting, in the spirit of reliving an awesome occasion, to share with you an enthusiastic introduction to Zachary’s oeuvre…

Zach's books

zachary schomburg very well might be the coolest dude in poetry, what with three books out on black ocean, o yeah & a little thing called octopus. & i’m sure this is old news to you. & i’m sure you’re eagerly awaiting the deluxe hardcover edition of THE BOOK OF JOSHUA.

SO: to get you jazzed for all of that let me remind you about his most recent book: FJORDS VOL. 1 &/or what FJORDS VOL. 1 reminds me of:

  • this book sold out its hardcover edition
  • this is a book of love poems
  • this is a book of death poems
  • this book has a landscape: surreal: like: donuthawks are a thing?
  • it’s funny
  • it’s sad
  • reading this book makes me feel
  • reading this book makes me feel like things will be ok, or maybe not, either way, i’m sure everything will be fine
  • dead-as-a-doornail/knob is a stupid saying; dead things have to have been alive first
  • you are alive
  • i hope you read this book