An Autumnal Everything

Last night we hosted an all-new edition of our Everything is Bigger reading series—and it was especially all-new, because the three wonderful readers were all newcomers to Austin. Let’s have a warm welcome for (from left to right) accomplished poets Ana CarreteBen Kopel and Mike Bushnell (with host Tyler Gobble, second from left, who is not new, but who has a new book coming out very soon).

Everything is Bigger Also new? The Everything is Bigger trivia contest, designed to encourage more yelling in the bookstore. There were a host of wonderful prizes up for grabs, including a waterproof disposable camera (with eighteen photos still left!), a slightly chipped coffee mug, and a copy of Ray Stevens’ classic album, Surely You JoustSo if you’d like some first-rate literary entertainment (and an answer to the trivia question “What is the only American state whose name can be typed using just one row of the keyboard?”), then watch on! And remember to keep the evening of November 12th free for the next refreshing round of Everything is Bigger.