Bigger Than Ever

One doesn’t like to play favorites concerning installments of one’s reading series, so let’s just say that this month’s Everything is Bigger shindig was especially good. Here’s the post-match report…


We had three lovely readers join us for Wednesday’s event: Tim Earley, Jess Stoner, and Will Clark (pictured left to right above, with host Tyler Gobble in red). You can check out more photos on Facebook, and watch all three of them in action below. You may notice that our camera person places the lens cap back on the camera at the start of Jess’ reading—please rest assured that this was not an act of arrant madness. You see, Jess had to come to the reading straight from work, wearing her Postal Service uniform, and apparently USPS workers are not supposed to be filmed while in official garb. Photos are allowed, though, so here’s one of Jess mid-reading, so you can get an idea of the set up:

Jess Stoner

And of course it wouldn’t be a Bigger reading without the giving away of assorted whimsical raffle prizes. Sadly, this month’s sack of swag did not include the coveted homemade Everything is Bigger tank-top—the dye ran on the lettering of Tyler’s latest creation, producing an “ErrrtBrrrisigger” tank-top, which did not meet his exacting apparel standards. Fortunately, we still had a whole heap of whatnots to dispense to lucky winners, including a dice game called “Spicy Farkel” (“a silly game played by silly people,” says one reviewer); a Whoopie Pie! candle (an often overlooked prize pick, despite being described on the Yankee Candle website as “Mmmmm! Creamy vanilla frosting meets moist, rich, chocolate for a treat that is so real you may want to lick your fingers!”); and, best of all, steak coasters! Coasters shaped like steaks!

Steak Coasters

But enough about prizes! Go watch some videos—and stay tuned for news of future Biggers. (We may or may not be taking a summer hiatus; our Events Calendar will keep you in the loop.)