Novel Night with Richard Kendrick & Gary Hobbs

May 14, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for the fifth event in our Novel Night series, a monthly celebration of all things prose! Here’s how it works: two published authors will read from their books and there’ll be an audience Q & A. We’ll then have an open mic for writers who have signed up to read from their unpublished short stories or novels. And finally, we’ll have “Book Talk,” in which an intrepid Malvern staff member will introduce you to one of our favorite prose titles and invite questions from the audience. Also worth noting: there will be snacks!

Novel Night

This month Richard Kendrick will read from Déjà Vu and Gary Hobbs will read from Access to Capital.

Deja VuRichard Kendrick spent more than a decade living and traveling in Africa and Asia. He has worked as a teacher, an editor, a publisher, directed several short films, and presented avant-garde jazz and classical music on FM radio for more than six years. Rick Russo describes Richard’s debut novel, Déjà Vu, as “a rare book that combines modernist formal experimentation with excellent post-modernist content and prose.”

Access to Capital

Gary Hobbs has spent more than three decades in a variety of businesses, including real estate finance. His first novel, Access to Capital, is set in the 1980s as government policy drives the consolidation of banks, the southwest economy collapses from declining oil prices, and the roles for women are changing. One of the first reviewers stated “If you lived through this time in the financial industry or even if you didn’t, this book will reach out and pull you in as a real page-turner.”

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